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Saturday, 14 May 2011

I've discovered something that's almost as addictive, challenging, frustrating and satisfying as writing.
What is it? Creating new website pages. Does that sound sad? Sorry if you were expecting something more dramatic and exciting. However, that's what I'm up to at the moment.
The Christmas before last I asked Santa to bring me The Dummies Guide to HTML which he kindly left in my stocking, along with another 'how to' book - Easy Steps to HTML. Yes I know I should have asked for perfume or jewellery but I thought these aids to surviving in these days of Ebooks and websites would come in more useful.
It was like reading gobbledeguke to start with as I tried to get my head round it. The crunch came when I started dreaming in html!
Lucky for me, my son, Wayne is an IT wiz (and I now forgive him for never going to sleep when he was a kid/teenager, staying awake playing on his computer to the early hours.) I see now he was studying!
I'm even more fortunate in that he has created the two websites that I use all the time, but I still need to update them. So those HTML for dummies books have certainly come in handy.
But the reason for my blog - and my excitement, is that I'm trying to create some new pages into my website which tie in with my soon to be released series of eBook whodunnits, the Little Tyke Murder Mysteries (formerly a sealed mystery series pub'd by Scholastic and now out of print).
After days of struggling to get the pages laid out and behaving like I want them to - and on the point of giving up, the penny dropped! I started to understand what all that gobbledeguke was saying. An Eureka moment if ever there was one!
I've still got loads of work to do - but now it's fun! Yes, I know, I should get out more. Ah well!